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This website “” has BOOKS , VIDEOS & DVD’S -for making Silicone & Latex Molds , Casting , Vacuum Forming and other stuff – a great resource.

This page shows you step by step how to build a mold and then to make a casting using resin.

How to Make a Silicone Mold

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For first time mold makers, this page tells you the basic types of molds and how to make a simple mold. We recommend you make a small mold for practice before attempting to mold a valuable piece.

This Video is a DIY instruction on how to make an inexpensive “Always Level” work surface which is useful for Candle Makers, casting resin, and mold makers.

This Video show how to make a mold using a common paper or plastic cup. Artist Jon Neill casts one of his detailed miniature pirate head sculpts and then casts one copy in white MPK 70 resin and a second in tinted grey MPK 70 resin to show off the details and the incredible odorless resin performance.

Using MPK-70 Polyurethane Casting Resin

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This Video shows Carl Hill Working with MPK-70 POLYURETHANE CASTING RESIN.

How to Make an Open Face Mold and Cast Resin

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This video shows the beginner how to make an open face mold using 2125 silicone with mold master green catalyst. Then how to cast from the mold using MPK 70 casting resin.

This Video demos the use of a brushable resin.

This Video show creating a two part mold – from creating a clay lay up to making both mold sections and a resin casting. It shows how to fix common situations such as silicone bleeding.