Professional Grade Moldmaking Silicone and Polyurethane Casting Resin systems being offered for both master moldmaker and Hobbyist alike

Whether you are making your silicone molds and resin castings in a large manufacturing facility, special FX shop, theme park, bronze fine art foundry, art studio, pastry or chocolate shop, or your your garage, or you are making a silicone mold for the first time on your kitchen table.......whatever the application requires Hobby Silicone / MPK Enterprises has the right RTV MOLD MAKING SILICONE SOLUTION for you.

Condensation Cured Mold Making Silicones
Soft, Medium, Firm and Extra Firm Durometer

Condensation Cured Mold Making Silicones

We have a wide variety of shore A hardness and catalyst systems to fit all your moldmaking needs.
Our mold making silicones have:
Platinum Silicones
Platinum Silicones

Platinum Silicones

  • We have 30, 45, 60, 62, 70, and 80 Shore A Platinum Silicones.
  • With a 30-90 min work times
  • QM230 and QM245 is also certified and can be used for the making of FOOD GRADE Silicone Molds
  • QM264 High Temp - Ideal for casting Low Melt Metals, Pot life approx 120mins and demold time is 18 hours.
Polyurethane Casting Resins -from 2 to 80 lbs kits
From 2 lbs to 80 lbs, we have what you need

Polyurethane Casting Resins -from 2 to 80 lbs kits

MPK70 is Ideal for casting plastic sculptures, models, prototypes. masters, figurines, toys, industrial parts, decorative ornaments, moldings, and fine detailed reproductions.
  • 65 to 70 Shore D Hardness
  • Paintable / Pigmentable
  • Gel Time 180 Sec to 10 Minutes
  • Fast Demold Time / No Leeching
  • Very strong with a slight flex, NOT BRITTLE
  • Water thin to pour
  • Very easy to sand even on big castings


comes in many colors
Supplies and Tools

Supplies and Tools

Starter Kits

Starter Kits

for beginners!

Choose a Firm 128 Regular Pot Life Kit or 2125 Kit including 2 oz Catalyst, and 2lb Kit of MPK70 Casting Resin

What others say about MPK Silicones and Resins.

  • MPK's resins and silicones are of the highest quality...every batch is consistent and always performs with the reliability...MPK-70-180 is the best modeler friendly resin I have ever used.
    James Hakola – Mr.
  • Hobbysilicone provides me the opportunity to make better silicone molds and resin parts!
    Matt Burnett - Monkeyclaw Models
  • ..these rubbers reproduce the fine detail of the patternwork without fault.
    Nelson Kennedy - Christchurch, New Zealand
  • I am very impressed with MPK’s product, particularly the casting resin. The modeling properties of this material are a refreshing change from the other resins I've dealt with.
    Sean Fallesen of the International Plastic Modelers’ Society USA